Trusted Estate Planning

Protect Your Legacy And Ensure The Future Of Your Wealth

With taxes, probate fees, and other expenses, one’s family inheritance is often much reduced over the course of a transfer. However, with proper guidance and planning, you can have an estate plan that minimizes the loss of wealth to taxes and fees and provides a more certain future for your family. 

We help you anticipate and minimize an excessive loss of wealth when it comes time to transfer your assets.

A good estate plan can go beyond simply determining where your wealth goes. A good plan provides a roadmap for growing your assets carefully over the coming years, and for how these assets will be dispensed when the time comes. 

A well-structured plan will make all the difference in what your loved ones eventually receive.

We take the time to get to know our clients, not just their assets but also their goals. We ensure that the structuring of your affairs is built around the objectives of you and your family.

We advise our clients in regards to:
  • Family trusts
  • Holding companies
  • Estate freezes and overall succession planning
We also correctly prepare and oversee:
  • Estate Tax Returns
  • Trust Returns for family trusts