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L.A. Larson & Associates Ltd. can assist you in finding affordable bookkeeping solutions for businesses of all sizes across any industry.  We help you get accurate and actionable insights into your company’s financial health, allowing you to make better and more strategic decisions. These better decisions, in turn, lead to better growth and more profitability over time.

With a dedicated bookkeeping team, you can also keep your staff better focused on the daily needs of your business. In short, you and your employees can continue to focus on what’s important; de-clutter your workspace, and refocus on running your business. 

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Bookkeeping Services

L.A. Larson & Associates Ltd. has over 60+ years combined experience providing bookkeeping services such as:

  • Detailed data entry
  • System conversions from manual accounting records (ledgers or spreadsheets to bookkeeping software)
  • Preparation of general ledger and trial balance
  • Account reconciliations
  • Maintenance of accounts receivable and accounts payable ledgers
  • Preparation of payroll and payroll remittances
  • Preparation and filing of GST and PST
  • Preparation and filing of WCB
  • Preparation and filing of T4 Summary and related T4 Slips
  • Preparation and filing of T5 Summary and related T5 slips

With our services you will also reduce costs associated with your payroll taxes, employee benefits, training expenses, equipment costs, and management costs.

Our bookkeeping professionals understand how to create a system around your unique business practices. A customized plan will help you reduce expenses and waste, maximize earnings, and allow your business to better compete at the highest levels.